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Actor/Dancer & The Last of Us Alum Kevin Sateri: Biography



Facts of Kevin Sateri

Birth DateMay 29,1974
Birth NameKevin Sateri
OccupationActor, Dancer
Birth CityVictoria, British Columbia
Birth CountryCanada
Gender IdentityMale
Height173 cm
FilmographyLast of Us
Insta LinkInsta Link

Kevin Sateri is a Canadian actor. He is known for appearing in movies and television shows such as Sucker Punch, Code Name: The Cleaner, Once Upon a Time, GLOW, Jinxed, and so on.

In 2023, he appeared in The Last of Us, a popular HBO series based on the 2013 video game developed by Naughty Dog. The actor played the role of Infected Man in Cellar in the series. 

Sateri is also a dancer who has worked as a background dancer and choreographer in a few projects.

Also, he has been working as a certified Pilates instructor for over 18 years and has clients in NYC, Las Vegas, Canada, and across Europe.

So, what is Kevin Sateri's age and height? What are his movie and TV roles? How much is his net worth? Who are his parents? Is he married? We have all the details of his personal and professional life here.

What Is The Age And Height Of Kevin Sateri?

Kevin Sateri was born on May 29, 1974, in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, the capital city of the Canadian province of British Columbia.

As of now, his age is 48 and his listed height is 5' 8" (173 cm). The actor/dancer keeps a very low profile, which is why there are not many details about his personal life.

However, while doing some Instagram sleuthing, we found his parents, and he seems to be very close with them. However, their names are not revealed.

Source: [email protected]
Kevin Sateri with his parents

On the occasion of Mother's Day, the proud son shared a picture with his mom with the caption:

Happy Mother’s Day! May you have the most enjoyable day! Here’s to all the mothers and those who have maternal instincts who care for others throughout the year!

Similarly, on Father's Day, he shared a photo with his dad and wrote:

Happy Father’s Day to this one, who has always been accepting and supportive throughout my life. I appreciate and love you!

Also, Sateri has a sister named Carla Pusateri.

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Career As A Dancer

Kevin Sateri is also a dancer, which comes from his passion for Pilates. He made his debut as a dancer in the entertainment industry in 1998 with the film Dance with Me, starring Vanessa Williams and Chayanne.

He appeared in Cosmo's Tale the same year. Similarly, in 2000, he played one of the dancers in the television series Days of Our Lives. He made an appearance in episode 8834.

Sateri also played the role of a student dancer in the 2003 television series Boston Public. He was part of episodes 15 and 17 of season three.

In 2007, Sateri was a chorus dancer in the television movie "Radio City Christmas Spectacular." The same year, he worked as an assistant choreographer on Code Name: The Cleaner.

Similarly, in 2008, Kevin was a dancer in another television series, A Muppet Christmas: Letters to Santa. Also in 2010, he was a backup dancer on the TV show Jimmy Kimmel Live! He appeared in season eight, episode 136.

Source: [email protected] 
Dancer Kevin Sateri

In 2011, Sateri became the assistant to the choreographer in the movie Sucker Punch. Also, he has an uncredited country dancer role in the TV series The Client List. He appeared in an episode titled "Turn the Page."

Additionally, he has another uncredited dancer role in the television series GLOW. He appeared in the pilot episode in 2017.

His biggest role when it comes to dancing was in the television series Once Upon a Time. Kevin appeared in four episodes: S2.E16, "The Miller's Daughter," S3.E21, "Snow Drifts," S6.E20, "The Song in Your Heart," and S7.E1: "Hyperion Heights."

Similarly, he also has an uncredited dancing role in the television series A Series of Unfortunate Events. He appeared in an episode titled "The Carnivorous Carvinal: Part One."

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Career As An Actor-Role In The Last of Us

Kevin Sateri made his acting debut in an uncredited role in the 1993 movie Digger. Then, in 1996, he made his television debut in the television series Saved by the Bell: The New Class, appearing in an episode titled "Vote Screech."

The next year, the actor appeared in another television series, Sweet Valley High. He had a small role, which aired in season four episode eighteen, titled Swing Time.

Similarly, Kevin appeared in the long-running opera series General Hospital in 1999. He appeared in episode 9261/Courier.

In 2000, he played the small role of Kiki in another TV series, Beverly Hills, 90210, in season ten episode twenty-seven, titled Ode to Joy.

Also, in 2001, he played teenage Bob Weber in "a satirical and funny yet heartwarming series, Divorce: The Musical."

Source: [email protected] 
Actor Kevin Sateri

Sateri appeared as Derek in the series Will & Grace in 2003. He guest starred in season six, episode seven, titled "Nice in White Satin."

In 2004, he played Kevin, the neighbor, in the short The Amoeba, followed by the role of Alan in the TV movie Totally Awesome.

He also guest starred as a partygoer in the series Viva Laughlin in an episode titled What a Whale Wants.

Later in 2011, Kevin appeared as ND Zombie in the television series Hellcats. He guest starred in season one episode eighteen, titled "Woke Up Dead."

The same year, he played a gay teacher in the short GayCare. He then proceeded to appear in many movies and TV shows as a dancer and took a short break from acting.

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The Last of Us

He then made his appearance in the new HBO series "The Last of Us" as an infected man in prison. He appeared in Episodes 3 and 4.

The Last of Us is an American post-apocalyptic drama based on the 2013 video game developed by Naughty Dog. The show is set twenty years after a mass fungal infection caused by a mutation in the genus Cordyceps sparked a global pandemic.

Source: [email protected] 
Kevin Sateri apperead in the series The Last of Us

The show tells the story of Joel (Pedro Pascal), a smuggler tasked with escorting the teenage Ellie (Bella Ramsey) across the post-apocalyptic United States.

The Last of Us premiered on January 15, 2023, and received acclaim from critics and fans. The series has now been renewed for a second season.

Sateri is proud of his role in the show. 

"And that’s a wrap! Grateful to be doing something I love and to be a part of something that will be pretty iconic for years to come." says on IG.

Career As A Pilates Instructor

Kevin Sateri has been a certified Pilates instructor for over 18 years. He is the owner of "PILATES BY KEVIN SATERI," which is a "pilates studio in Studio City/Sherman Oaks for maximum privacy in a peaceful, garden-like setting."

As per the company's website, the studio is a paparazzi-free zone and has "2 top-of-the-line Balanced Body Studio reformer/tower combos that convert into the Cadillac Table. To increase the intensity of the workout, it comes with two jumpboard footplates, a Wunda Chair, foam rollers, magic circles, sitting boxes, therabands, stability balls, and free weights.

Source: [email protected] 
Kevin Sateri is a certified Pilaties instructor

Reportedly, Kevin has clients in LA, NYC, Las Vegas, Canada, and across Europe at conventions and on Crystal Cruise Lines.

"With a professional dance and fitness background, Kevin likes to incorporate those aspects into his workouts, and tailors each session to the abilities of each client, helping to unleash their full potential and discover their newfound strengths."

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Kevin Sateri?

When it comes to Kevin Sateri's earnings and salary, there are no accurate details.

However, if we believe the sources, an actor makes an average salary of $46,960. The best-paid 25% makes around $60,000, while the lowest-paid 25% makes around $30,040.

Also, as a dancer, as of January 2023, the average annual pay for a professional dancer in the entertainment world is $68,869 a year.

Sateri, on the other hand, is a certified Pilates instructor and an independent consultant, which is one of his primary sources of income. 

Source: [email protected] 
Kevin Sateri- Net Worth Details

Rates of the company as provided by their official website:

Private Pilates Sessions: 50 min.

  1. One Session- $85
  2. Five Sessions-$412.50
  3. Ten Sessions- $800

Semi-Privates- 2 People- 50 min

  1. One Session- $100 ($50 for each person)
  2. Five Sessions- $475 ($237.50 each)
  3. Ten Sessions- $900 ($450 each)

What Is The Relationship Status Of Kevin Sateri? Is He Married?

Being in the limelight comes with repercussions. That means constant media attention and public scrutiny; while some people enjoy the attention, others prefer to avoid it, and Kevin Sateri is firmly in the latter camp.

He rarely finds himself the subject of tabloid fodder, and that’s likely because he prefers to keep his personal life far away from the press.

Since the actor has not introduced anyone as his partner, we can assume he is single at the moment.

Source: [email protected] 
Actor/Dancer/PilatiesInstructor Kevin Sateri

Similarly, regarding his social media presence, he is active on Twitter and Instagram and has a few thousand followers. His social media is very profession-based, and only his projects are promoted on the platform.

He rarely gives his personal details, which makes it harder to track his private life and relationship status.

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