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Marketing is the main key to the success of any business! In the digital age, technology has taken over the market. So, advertising on the digital platform is the best way to reach your business and win the hearts and minds of people.

We at Married Buzz represent your business in the competitive digit world, adding more value and intrigue to your business.

Why Married Buzz?

Married Buzz registered under Top Nepal International Pvt. Ltd is a globally recognized online website. We have been in the business working for many years and have successfully operated many online sites.

Married Buzz is the new site that was added to the company to bring more reliable and accurate content.

It is also a platform for people looking for an advertisement with limited investment and belongs to the small business hoping to get global with us with limited capital.

Why you should choose us:  

  1. We will present your business as a cost-effective, media-rich, and well-recognized site in the internet world.   
  2. We will promote and enhance your business digitally and globally at a low cost.      
  3. We will help you reach larger audiences.

Things to consider

  1. We offer ad spaces at a reasonable but fixed rate per pageview.
  2. Advertisers need to follow community guidelines. It should not harm any community, race, religion, or gender.
  3. Advertisers need to consider the IAB standards of advertising.
  4. Ads will have to be digital-friendly.
  5. Any breach of the discussed guidelines will end the contract immediately.
  6. You can reach us at