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An Inspirational Story Of Lynette Nusbacher-Transgender Military Historian, Strategist, And Author



Facts of Lynette Nusbacher

Birth DateDecember 17,1966
Full NameLynette Nusbacher
Birth NameAryeh Judah Schoen Nusbacher
OccupationDevil's Advocate, Strategist, Military Historian
Father NameWayne Maines
Mother NameKelly Maines
Gender IdentityFemale
Marital StatusDivorced
SpouseMelanie Bright
No Of Children2
EducationUniversity of Toronto, Royal Military College of Canada, Oxford University
FilmographyAbandoned Engineering,Mysteries of the Abandoned,Time Commanders

Dr. Lynette Nusbacher is Devil's Advocate and Principal at Nusbacher & Associates. 

Also, she is a strategist and military historian and has worked on the British government's national security strategies.

Similarly, Nusbacher was a teacher at Sandhurst Military Academy. In fact, she is the former teacher of Prince William and Harry.

Lynette, who was born a man named Aryeh Judah Schoen Nusbacher, transitioned herself at the age of 40 in 2007. 

Lynette Nusbacher-Before Transition

Lynette Nusbacher was born a man named Aryeh Judah Schoen Nusbacher on December 17, 1966, in New York, United States.

Source: YouTube 
Lynette Nusbacher-Before Transformation as Aryeh Nusbacher 

As of June 2022, she is 55 years old. According to IMDb, her parents are Kelly Maines and Wayne Maines. 

Educational Background

Nusbacher joined the University of Toronto in 1984 and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in History and Economics in 1988.

Later, she enrolled at the Royal Military College of Canada in 1994 and studied War Studies.

Her course included the development of mechanized warfare doctrine, learning processes of armies, and intelligence management and failure.

Similarly, Nusbacher attended the National School of Government in 2009 and studied leaders unlimited cohort 3 & organizational leadership.

She also attended Cranfield School of Management for
Defense Strategic Leadership Programme and Organizational Leadership in 2010.

Likewise, she earned her Ph.D. in History from Oxford University in 2001.

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Lynette Nusbacher's Transition As A Woman At The Age Of 40-Trademark Dyed Red Hair

Lynette Nusbacher transitioned herself from a man in 2007 at the age of 40.

She always identified as a woman. However, considering the circumstances, she hid behind an identity of a man with whom she never really felt connected.

However, the truth cannot be hidden for long, and Nusbacher never really planned to hide as well.

Finally, in 2007, Lynette underwent gender reassignment surgery. It came as a huge surprise for her cadets at Sandhurst Military Academy.

After the holidays, she came to the academy wearing a skirt and blouse and looked gorgeous with her red hair.

All the cadets were asked to call her Mrs. Lynette Nusbacher. 

Also, The Major General of Sandhurst, Peter Pearson, warned that any rude or snide comments about Lynette would be 'treated with severe punishment.'

Source: Facebook 
Lynette Nusbacher-After Transformation

Nusbacher is an inspiration for many-especially for LGBTQIA+ community members who are often neglected and discriminated against.

The Pink List ranks the most influential LGBTQIA+ community members, and she was ranked  53, 68, and 77 in 2011, 12, and 13, respectively. 

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Career Highlights-How Much Is Her Net Worth?

Lynette Nusbacher is at the top regarding qualifications in strategy research and war studies.

As per her Linkedin profile, she was an administrator at the University of Toronto from 1988 to 1994.

Later, Nusbacher joined Canadian Armed Forces as a Logistics Officer and worked there for almost eight years, from 1992 to 2000. She served as a division staff officer.

After that, she was a principal and senior consultant in War Studies at LMC Consultants for a year in 2006-7.

Likewise, Lynette joined the Cabinet Office of London in 2007 as a Senior Intelligence Advisor and Devil's advocate.

Later, she was promoted to the head of the Strategic Horizons Unit.

She was also a visiting lecturer in Strategy at the University of Reading from 2006 to 2012.

Likewise, Nusbacher also worked for British Army. She joined in 1999 as the Senior Lecturer in War Studies at Sandhurst Military Academy. 

She was a reserve officer who served both part-time and full-time in the United Kingdom and overseas.

Similarly, the 55-year-old was a part-time employee at NHS Surrey Heartlands Integrated Care System as Deputy-Chair and Senior Independent Non-Executive Director.

Currently, Lynette Nusbacher is the Devil's Advocate, Strategist, and Strategy Coach at Nusbacher & Associate.

As per Linked In, she "uses structured techniques, including wargaming, in order to help clients run strategically aligned businesses."

Books And Blog

Lynette Nusbacher is also a celebrated author. Her first book, The Battle of Bannockburn 1314, was published in 2000.

Her second book, War And Conflict (Face The Facts), was published in 2002.

Similarly, she published her third book, 1314: Bannockburn, in 2005.

Also, she blogs on strategy and foreign policy at

Television Documentary

Additionally, she has been part of many television documentaries. 

She appeared in the 2003 documentary National Geographic: Beyond the Movie - The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.

Lynette Nusbacher is also part of BattleField Detectives, Weaponology, Time Commanders, Conspiracy, and World War II: Witness to War.

Most recently, she appeared in the docu-series Abandoned Engineering and Mysteries of the Abandoned.

Source: Facebook 
Inspirational Lynette Nusbacher

As of June 2022, she is estimated to have a net worth of $2 million

Her primary income source is her prestigious career as a Devil’s Advocate, strategist, and military historian. 

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Preciously Married To Actress Melanie Bright And Shares Two Kids

Lynette Nusbacher was married to Melanie Bright. The couple reportedly met in 1997 and got married after a year on June 7, 1998.

The duo lived in Surrey, England, for several years.

As per the sources, Bright was born in Canada, and she has a Master's degree in War Studies, a BA in Honors in Political Studies, and a Diploma in Public Relations.

She has been the Head of Communications at Winchester City Council since 2018.

However, IMDb claims that Melanie is also an actress. She had appeared in movies like Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and The Two Wolves, Guilt.

The pair also has two kids together. Bright supported Lynette when she was having trouble with her gender identity.

Sadly, the duo separated after a decade of marriage in 2010.  

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