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Award-Wining Actor/Director Iyad Hajjaj Biography


Facts of Iyad Hajjaj

Height178 cm
AwardsBurbank International Film Festival,Los Angeles Nollywood Film Awards
FilmographyDreams I Never Had
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Iyad Hajjaj is a Palestinian actor who has been acting and performing since he was a teenager.  

His most popular work is the 2017 film Dreams I Never Had, which he produced, directed, and starred in. The film won many international awards.  

Similarly, Hajjaj's portfolio includes tv shows and movies such as Hybristophilia, Will & Grace, Escape Room, Haydens Woods, and others.  

He is also seen in the ongoing popular series Ms. Marvel as Uncle Rasheed.  

One Of 13 Siblings-How Old Is Iyad Hajjaj? Religion?   

Iyad Hajjaj is an Palestinian actor. There is not much available about him and his family; however, as per the IMDb, he was raised among 12 brothers and sisters.  

He was born in a middle-class family and has struggled since childhood. Living with so many siblings has taught him patience and to be a great team player.  

The actor is a follower of the Islam religion.  

As for his age, Hajjaj is in his mid 40's or early 50's. He stands tall at 5' 10" (1.78 m).  

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Award-Winning Actor/Film Maker- Dreams I Never Had, Madam Secretary, Ms. Marvel

Iyad Hajjaj has been in the industry since 1998. His debut role was in the movie Appointment with Death in an uncredited role.  

Then he started small, working in whatever offer he got, whether a movie as big as Rambo III (though uncredited role) or a video game-like Medal of Honor. 

Over the years, Hajjaj has worked on several films, tv series, documentaries, and video games. Some of them are: 

The Strange Case of Salman abd al Haqq, Operation Repo, Crisis: New York Under Water, America's Court with Judge Ross, New Place, Mixed and so, on.  

His first big role was in the 2011 documentary "Tri**ers: W**pons That Changed the World." He appeared as an Afghani Fighter.  

Likewise, the actor appeared in Touch, Eagleheart, 1000 Ways to Die, Next Stop for Charlie, The Brink, etc.  

Similarly, Hajjaj is also credited for roles in Shadow of the Monarch, Transparent, Thirteen, Madam Secretary, American Wrestler: The Wizard, and so on.  

Iyad Hajjaj's biggest project came in 2017 when he directed, starred, and produced a film called Dreams I Never Had.  

The story follows a teenage girl (Fidelia Grace) trapped in a home of a wealthy family who befriends the family's gardener, an illegal Mexican immigrant.  

Source: Facebook 
Iyad Hajjaj after his historic win at Burbank International Film Festival for his movie Dreams I Never Had

The movie received many national and international acclaims, including Burbank International Film Festival, Los Angeles Nollywood Film Awards, Lucky Strike Film Festival, San Pedro International Film Festival, and WIND International Film Festival.  

Also, Hajjaj appeared in Will & Grace, Dhar Mann, Dawn of the Zombie Apocalypse, and The Hunt. 

He was also seen in the television series I Came for Peace as Omar. He also directed five episodes of the show and was one of the producers.  

He appeared as  Uncle Rasheed in the Ms. Marvel episode Crushed most recently. The show is based on the Marvel comics.  

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What's Next For Iyad Hajjaj?  

The acclaimed actor/ director will have a busy year ahead. His upcoming projects include shows such as: 

Breaking Tradition, Charley's Choice, Ten and a Half Minutes, African Mystique, and Code White Islamophobia.

Along with acting, Iyad is also a writer, producer, director, casting director, and more.

His upcoming projects as a producer are Charley's Choice, The Imam, and The Family Man.

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Iyad Hajjaj?  

The actor/director Iyad Hajjaj has been active in the industry for decades.  

Along with his name, fame, awards, and acclaim, he has also earned along the way.  

If we believe the sources, his net worth is between $5 million and $10 million.  

Reportedly, his yearly income is more than $500k. 

Hajjaj's primary income source is his acting career. Similarly, he is also a director, writer, producer, and voice actor.  

Likewise, he is the president of the production house called With Missing Peace Pictures.  

The production house has produced films and shows like Haydens Woods, The Book of the Damned, Yasser, Not in My Backyard,  Dreams I Never Had, and so on.  

Iyad Hajjaj: Wife And Children 

Being in the limelight comes with repercussions. That is constant media and public eyes on you; while some love the attention, some prefer to stay far away from it, and Iyad Hajjaj is definitely among the latter. 

Hajjaj rarely finds himself the subject of tabloid fodder, and that’s likely because he prefers to keep his home life far away from the press.  

Source: Facebook 
Iyad Hajjaj from One Of His Movie Sets

There are no reports on his family life, including his spouse and kids. He lives a very private life.  

As for his hobbies, the actor like karate, horseback riding, hiking, and soccer.  

He also loves to sing in Arabic and is an Arab Folk Dance (Dabka) instructor.  

Also, Hajjaj speaks fluent Arabic and English, limited Hebrew, and little Spanish. 

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