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British/Taiwanese Actor Niccy Lin Wikipedia-New Cast Member Of You Season 4

Published Thu Jan 19 2023 By riley
British/Taiwanese Actor Niccy Lin Wikipedia-New Cast Member Of You Season 4

Niccy Lin is a rising British and Taiwanese actor. She is known for appearing in movies and TV series such as Kantsaywhere, Wishin' and Hopin', Official Secrets, Lockdown Kings, Drifters, and Murder Ballads: How to Make It in Rock 'n' Roll.

Similarly, she will appear in season 4 of the highly anticipated Netflix series You in Feb 2023. She will play the role of Sophie.

Also, she is a tattoo apprentice and runs an Instagram page dedicated to the tattoo arts, @passthesaltbitch.

As for her personal life, the actress is seemingly married; who is her husband? Also, what is her age? What about her earnings and family life? We have all the details here.

Who Is Niccy Lin?

Niccy, also known as Nicky Lin, was born in Taiwan to Taiwanese parents and later moved to the United Kingdom.

The actress is very private, which is why only limited details of her professional and personal lives are revealed to the media.

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British and Taiwanese Actor Niccy Lin

According to the source, she is in her late 20s, but her actual date of birth is not revealed.

Also, Lin has kept the identities of her parents under wraps. However, while doing some Instagram stalking, we found a post from Lin wishing her mother a happy Mother's Day. She shared an adorable picture of herself from when she was a baby with her mom and a caption:

There's nothing like a mother's love. And no world without the love of a strong woman. Happy Mother’s Day, ma.

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Baby Niccy Lin with her mother

As for her educational qualifications, there are no details, but as an actor, she is signed with the Independent Talent Agency.

The agency's "client base encompasses actors, directors, writers, producers, and their production companies; below-the-line talent; models; casting directors; presenters; comedians; voiceover artists; and others involved in all aspects of the media business."

Career Highlights: Movies And TV Roles

Niccy Lin started her career as an actress in 2017, appearing in the short film Noose. Misha Vertkin's directorial venture is about:

"During a racially charged case, the jury has been unable to reach a verdict." They have been hurried away to an undisclosed location to continue debating. Huge protests break out into riots across the city as the boiling point is reached. Sid, one of the jury members, finds herself in the midst of the chaos.

The next year, she appeared in another short, "Wishin' and Hopin'." She played the role of Emma and shared the screen with Martine Brown, Lucy Hawkins, Rachael James, and Cora Kirk.

Similarly, the same year, Niccy was in Shay Kuehlmann and Kate Roxburgh's short Kantsaywhere, where she was the lead.

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Movie and TV actress Niccy Lin

In 2019, Lin made her movie debut in the Keira Knightley, Matt Smith, and Matthew Goode starred Official Secrets. She played the role of Mi-Yung.

The film was based on the "true story of a British whistleblower who leaked information to the press about an illegal NSA spy operation designed to push the UN Security Council into sanctioning the 2003 invasion of Iraq."

The movie was critically acclaimed and was nominated for many prestigious awards, winning a few of them. It had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on January 28, 2019.

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Niccy Lin worked in Keira Knightley, Matt Smith, and Matthew Goode starred movie Official Secrets.  

The same year, she appeared in another short titled Dinner Date. She played the role of Winnie in Isobella Hubbard's directorial venture and shared the screen with Rachael James.

Similarly, Lin also made her TV debut the same year. She appeared in the television series Treadstone, a drama series connected to and based on the Bourne film series.

She was CIA Tech #2 and appeared in episode eight, "The McKenna Erasure."

Her other movie role was Alexa in the 2020 film Lockdown Kings, starring Daz Black and Huw Samuel. The film was about

"Two stoners decide to fight against the corrupt government with gaming and hacking during the endless lockdown."

Similarly, Niccy appeared in the animated television series Drifters. She voiced Corporal Winters. She also played the role of Anastasia in the TV show The Great, starring Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult.

The show is about a "royal woman living in rural Russia during the 18th century who is forced to choose between her own personal happiness and the future of Russia when she marries an Emperor."

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Niccy Lin appeared in the short drama Dinner Date. She played the role of Winnie in Isobella Hubbard with co-star Rachael James.

She appeared in season two, episode four, titled The Devil's Lunch.

In 2022, Lin was part of the movie Murder Ballads: How to Make It in Rock 'n' Roll. The film was about "six interconnected stories that tell the rapid rise and violent fall of the rock band Stack of Corpses."

Lin played the role of Megan.

New Cast Member Of You Season 4

Niccy Lin is one of the many new faces who are appearing in the upcoming thriller television series "You," created by Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble.

The first three seasons of the show were based on the books You, Hidden Bodies, and You Love Me by Caroline Kepnes.

Sources reported that the fourth series would be entirely new in concept and premise.

The series starred Penn Badgley in the lead role. He portrays the narcissistic, psychotic, and obsessive bookstore manager turned serial killer in the initial Lifetime series, which premiered in September 2018.

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Niccy Lin as Sophia in the series You season 4

The show then moved to Netflix, and the second season was released in December 2019; later, the third installment of the hit trilogy saga was released in October 2021.

The first part of the fourth season is scheduled to premiere on February 9, 2023, while the second part is scheduled for release on March 9.

Many new characters are introduced in the fourth season, including:

  1. Charlotte Ritchie – Kate
  2. Tilly Keeper – Lady Phoebe
  3. Stephen Hagan – Malcolm
  4. Amy Leigh Hickman – Nadia
  5. Brad Alexander – Edward
  6. Ed Speleers – Rhys
  7. Jadesola Odunjo – Victoria
  8. Aidan Cheng – Simon
  9. Ben Wiggins – Roald
  10. Eve Austin – Gemma
  11. Dario Coates – Connie
  12. Alison Pargeter – Dawn
  13. Adam James – Elliot
  14. Sean Pertwee – Vic
  15. Ozioma Whenu – Blessing
  16. Fejiro Emasiobi – Peter
  17. Cal-I Jonel –  Interviewer

As per the sources, Niccy will be playing the role of Sophia, "a fierce protector of her introverted brother, Simon (played by Aidan Cheng)," Sophie is "well-known for her high-profile brand deals and sponsorships that she flaunts on her social media." "A raging entrepreneur, Sophie is someone people should not mess with."

Niccy Lin Is Also A Tattoo Apprentice

According to Niccy Lin's Instagram, she is a tattoo apprentice, which means working in a "tattoo studio under the supervision of an experienced tattoo artist to gain experience."

She also has an Instagram account dedicated to tattoo arts, @passthesaltbitch.

As of January 2023, the page has around 1300 followers. She is affiliated with Velvet Underground Tattoo, the first female-only tattoo studio.

As per the company's website:

"Our studio is designed and created by female tattoo artists. Tattoo stations are fitted with hygienic, purpose-built equipment, and we operate a completely disposable system so that we have no need for scrub rooms or re-sterilized tools. All of which makes Velvet Underground Tattoo a reassuringly clean and comfortable environment to be inked."

It continues:

Our artists and apprentices each have their own unique style and create one-off pieces for every client. No copying, no flash, no rushing. If we don't think we can achieve what you are asking us to do, we won't take it on.

Who Is Her Husband? 

Although Niccy Lin keeps a very low profile and does not reveal much about her personal life, as per her Instagram, she is in a relationship with Alain Heyraud.

As per one of Alain Heyraud's Instagram posts, it seems they are married. He shared the photo of Lin and wrote the caption, "N1 baby mama wife and best friend in the world."

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Niccy Lin and her husband Alain Heyraud

He also mentioned a baby, but there are no hints of them having a child on social media. There are also no details of when and where the couple got married, but it looks like they have been together for many years and share a great bond.

As per the sources, her husband, Alain Heyraud, is a French-Nigerian photographer, videographer, editor, and musician.

He started his career as a street photographer and eventually became a professional fashion photographer.

According to his website, "Heyraud's concept is to create visual content based on clients’ ambitions, endeavoring to embolden, enrich, and enliven in an honest yet timeless fashion."

He is also a musician and composes beats and tracks for his own raps as well as for other musicians.

The couple, as of now, lives in White City, London.

Niccy Lin: Earnings As An Actor

Niccy Lin is in the initial phase of her career and has a long way to go. When it comes to her earnings and salary, there are no accurate details.

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Niccy Lin 

However, if we believe the sources, an actor makes an average salary of $46,960. The best-paid 25% makes around $60,000, while the lowest-paid 25% makes around $30,040.

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