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Comedian And Actress Patti Harrison Biography: Age, Net Worth, Ethnicity, And Boyfriend



Facts of Patti Harrison

Birth DateOctober 31,1990
Birth NamePatti Harrison
OccupationActor, Comedian
Birth CityOrient, Ohio
Birth CountryAmerica
Height172 cm
EducationOhio University
FilmographyTogether Together,Big Mouth
Insta LinkInsta Link

Patti Harrison is considered one of the funniest people in today's context. Though her sarcastic humor is not everybody's cup of tea, she does have a considerable fan following who loves her dark humor.

She is also an actress and writer best known for her roles in comedy series like Shrill (2019-2021), I think you should leave with Tim Robinson (2019-present), and in the films such as Together Together, Big Mouth, and A Simple Favor.

The comedian/actress came out as a trans woman during her last year at Ohio University. She is very vocal about her journey as a trans and has inspired many to be proud of their identities despite what society considers "normal."

So, how old is Patti Harrison? Does she have a boyfriend? How much is her net worth? We have all the details here. 

Early Life- Age, Height, Ethnicity Parents

Patti Harrison was born in Orient, Ohio, the USA, on October 31, 1990, to a Vietnamese mother and white father.

She is 31-year-old and stands tall at 5 feet 8 inches (172cm).

Harrison was among seven children and was raised near the outskirts of Columbus.

Source: [email protected]_harderson 
Young Patti Harrison

Her parents met during the Vietnam War-father was a mechanic and worked for General Motors and her mother was a translator for a while and also worked in a mailroom. 

Sadly, her dad died when Harrison was six-years-old from a heart attack, and her brother also died when she was four.

In an interview in 2017, the comedian talked about how her mother kind of "checked out" following two tragic deaths. 

She was too small, and her sisters stepped in to raise her. As per Patti, they are her strongest supporter, harshest critics, and the reasons why she is what she is today.

Harrison, in fact, gives the credit for her love for dark humor to her sisters. 

They were the ones to use dark senses of humor to stay positive after losing two close family members.

"They all handled the situation with dark humor that I adored and really rubbed off on me. I feel very lucky to have been raised by a tribe of hilarious women who were also very kind! I think that's where I learned that you can make good, heavy, dark jokes without being mean or punching down."

Source: [email protected]_harderson
Patti Harrison's father 

One of the best examples of her dark humor is how she once shared a picture of her father and thanked God for his early death. 

According to her, he was so handsome that she would have dated him if he was alive. Remember when we said Harrison's comedy is not everybody's tea? Well, now you know why.

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Patti Harrison's Experience As A Trans Woman-Terrifying And Emotionally Grueling

Coming out is never easy for anyone. We live in a society where everything has been categorized as normal or proper, and anytime a person tends to be out of the box, they are outcasted.

Everyone has their struggles and challenges, and in the case of Patti Harrison, it was her internal phobia. 

She came out to her family during her last year at Ohio University. The actress then dropped out of college and moved back home.

Luckily, her family was very supportive and encouraged her to follow her heart.

"I was fortunate that my family was very supportiveā€”I know that a lot of trans people don't have that. It was the ultimate relief to see how supportive people were, and I was pleasantly surprised to see some people stay who I thought would leave. It gave me hope that people have the capacity to change!"

Patti, however, struggled with herself. The comedian, during an interview, revealed that she was terrified for two years after coming out. 

She would not even get out of bed and thought she would be eviscerated.

Source: [email protected]_harderson
Patti Harrison before the transition 

Thankfully, the 31-year-old took the help from therapy and began the new journey of her life. 

Harrison started working for Gap, Old Navy, and the Banana Republic, and in 2015 moved to Los Angeles to be a comedian.

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Career Highlights-Actress, Comedian, And Writer

Firstly, Patti Harrison moved to New York City and began her acting career in 2015, but it did not go well; later, she moved to Los Angeles, where she made comedy a full-time career.

Harrison revealed that her stand-up comedy style had changed acutely since her early days.

Source: [email protected]_harderson
Actress and Comedian Patti Harrison

Earlier, she used to feel anxious while making jokes about her sexuality due to internalized transphobia. 

Over the years, the comedian has worked on her phobia, and we are very familiar with her now comfort level regarding her sexual identity.

In an interview with Vogue, she described her comedic personality.

"I'm a nasty, stupid person-that's my voice. I'm an evil, shitty person on stage, in a very conscious way- the evil is punching up."

In 2016-2017, the actress appeared in shows like The Special Without Brett Davis, The Chris Gethard Show, and Search Party.

Harrison, however, received the massive limelight for her appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where she made jokes about Donald Trump's ban on transgender people in the military.

The video went viral, and she emerged as a rising comedian in front of audiences. 

Following that, Patti made appearances on shows like Broad City, I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson, High Maintenance, Magical Girl Friendship Squad, Adventure Time: Distant Lands and others.

Source: [email protected]_harderson
Team of Patti Harrison's one of Netflix shows, Big Mouth 

Similarly, her movie credits include Bagdad, Florida, A Simple Favor, The Lost City, and Together Together. 

The latter was her first movie in the lead role, and her performance earned her a nomination for the Independent Spirit Award for Best Female Lead.

Additionally, in 2021, Harrison became the first transgender actor to voice a Disney character. 

She voiced Tail Chief's character in Disney's animated film Raya and the Last Dragon.

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Personal Life- Is Patti Harrison Dating Someone?

Finding love is never easy. During an interview with Nylon, Patti revealed that she was on a few dating apps during quarantine. 

Also, she was on a few FaceTime dates.

Source: [email protected]_harderson
Patti Harrison while quarantining during the Covid pandemic

The comedian also revealed that she was on an app called Raya, and the experience was a nightmare.

"Raya's a nightmare. But if you want to find psychopath Vice bros where it's like, 'Yo, I'm an assistant digital editor at Vice, and I love Bjork, and I hate trans people, but I would love to take you on a coffee date and pick your brain about me stepping on you to get all your industry connection".

It seems like the 31-year-old is still on a hunt to find her perfect partner. 

There are, however, few sources who have claimed her to be married and have a husband, which is obviously hoax news.

Harrison was diagnosed with ADHD in 2021 and revealed it to The New Yorker. 

"It took me a really long time to just get the ball rolling on [seeking a diagnosis] but i had reached a point where I was so frustrated with my inability to just stay on track."

Similarly, the Together Together star has also dealt with body dysmorphia.

I've thought about my relationship to my body, my body dysmorphia, and what that means as someone who's like, 'Oh, I'm going to be on camera.'

"She further said:

"Sometimes it makes my body dysmorphia worse, but I've also tried to not let my mental illness rob the joy of getting to do something I've always wanted to do."

We stand a powerful, honest, and intelligent woman who does not shy away from revealing her darkest secrets to the world. Not to gain publicity out of it but to inspire others.

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How Much Is Her Net Worth?

Patti Harrison, a comedian, actress, and writer who earns an annual salary of $200,000, has a net worth of $1 Million as of mid-2022.

In Hollywood, an actor on average earns $40k per year, a comedian's wages typically start from $10.59 an hour and go up to $40.47 an hour, and a writer earns $22.29 per hour.

Source: [email protected]_harderson
Patti Harrison Net Worth

Similarly, Harrison also earns from sponsorships, endorsements, and advertisements. 

Based on her Instagram followers (175k) and engagement rate (10.34%), she charges $528-$880 per sponsored post.

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