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Gabe Greenspan Wikipedia-Son Of Seinfeld Alum Jason Alexander



Facts of Gabe Greenspan

Birth Date1992
Birth NameGabriel Greenspan
OccupationActor, Writer
Birth CityLos Angeles
Birth CountryAmerica
Father NameJason Alexander
Father OccupationActor, Comedain
Mother NameDaena E. Title
Mother OccupationPainter
Gender IdentityMale
Marital StatusMarried
SibilingsNoah Greenspan
EducationYale University
Insta LinkInsta Link

Gabe Greenspan is an American theater and movie/tv actor and writer. He is best known for his roles on shows such as Park Acrobats, A Tale Told by an Idiot, Wayward Guide, and Headless: A Sleepy Hollow Story.

Among people, he is best known as the son of Emmy and Tony winning-actor Jason Alexander and former actress and painter Daena E. Title.

His father is a renowned actor, comedian, and director who gained massive national and international fame as George Costanza in the megahit television series Seinfeld (1989–1998).

Similarly, both his mother and younger brother Noah Greenspan are also actors.

So, what is Gabe Greenspan's age? Who is his wife? How much is his net worth? We have all the details here. 

Yale Graduate Gabe Greenspan

Gabe Greenspan was born in 1992 in Los Angeles. As of September 2022, he is 30 years old.

Being surrounded by actors and directors since childhood, it was no surprise that Greenspan also chose to be an actor.

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Young Gabe Greenspan with brother Noah Greenspan 

Since childhood, he began performing all over Los Angeles. As per the IMDb, he spent his summers studying acting and improv at the French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts.

Gabe later attended Yale University to earn his B.A. in Theater Studies. 

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Eldest Son Of Gabe Greenspan And Daena E. Title

Gabe Greenspan is the eldest son of actor Jason Alexander and Daena E. Title.

Jason Alexander was born Jay Scott Greenspan on September 23, 1959, in Newark, New Jersey, to nurse mother Ruth Minnie and accounting manager father Alexander B. Greenspan.

He grew up in Maplewood and Livingston, New Jersey.

Alexander joined  Boston University to study theatre but left college after his third year to take a full-time acting job in New York City.

However, the university awarded him an honorary degree in 1995.

On the other hand, Gabe's mother, Daena E. Title, was born on February 14, 1957, in New York City, New York.

She received a Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Theatre Studies from Wellesley College.

She is the cousin of renowned director, producer, and screenwriter Stacy Title.

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Jason Alexander and Daena E. Title. 

Jason Alexander and Daena E. Title first met in the late 70s. As per the sources, they met at a casting agency.

Infatuated by her beauty, Alexander asked out Title to dinner at Cafe Centrale.

The couple then started dating and moved in after only three weeks.

Reportedly, Alexander proposed within months of their relationship. Skeptical at first, Title turned him down but eventually tied the knot after less than a year of dating in 1982. 

The pair have celebrated their togetherness for over four decades and are considered one of the nest Hollywood couples.

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Greenspan Family 

They have two children; sons Gabe Greenspan and Noah Greenspan.

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Younger Brother Noah Greenspan

Noah Greenspan is the youngest son of Jason Alexander and Daena E. Title.

He was born in February 1996 and is 26-year-old.

Like his other family members, he is also an actor. He made his debut in 2016 in the documentary Best Worst Thing That Ever Could Have Happened.

Similarly, he appeared in the short film Murray Ghost in 2020, and his upcoming project is a television series Girls Dorm.

Noah lives a very private life, and nothing much is known about his dating life, girlfriend, or other relationships.

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Gabe Greenspan with his father Jason Alexander and brother Noah Greenspan

He is also not on social media, which makes it harder to know about his private life.  

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Theatre And TV/Movies Roles

Gabe Greenspan started his acting career on stage. Post graduating from Yale, he moved back to Los Angeles and began performing at comedy theaters.

He mostly worked on clubs such as iO West and UCB.

Similarly, Greenspan co-founded the sketch comedy group "The Idiot Chimney" and co-created the Freeform digital series "Dinner With Dad."

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Gabe Greenspan performing on stage

He also performed in many parody musicals with the UCB group "Quick and Funny Musicals."

Greenspan made his on-screen debut in 2014 in the short film For Dad. He later appeared in Super Man! Two Words! and We Need to Talk.

His career over the years is listed below:

Years Tv/MoviesRoles
 The Soul Man Arrisen
 On Hiatus with Monty Geer  Dave
 Sh*T Girls Used to SayHarry
 Flop Stoppers Executive
 Mars 2060: The Colony FilesScott Wymer
2017Gorgeous Grandpa ComedyChad
 The Case of the Gilded LilyRoger Haircremé
 Lost Beneath the StarsTed
 Show Me Your PartsCollin St. John
2018Middle School Talent Show Gareth
 Bros Derek
 American WhoopeeCorky DuBois
2019Rough DraftRyan
2020Park AcrobatsBlake
 A Tale Told by an IdiotMalcolm
 Wayward GuideEllis Walker

In 2021, like many in the world, he was at home quarantined.

After a year, in 2022, he appeared in the tv series Dollface as Jason and in Zombae as Buddy.

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Gabe Greenspan as Brom Bones in Headless: A Sleepy Hollow Story 

Similarly, Gabe was cast as Brom Bones in the mini-series Headless: A Sleepy Hollow Story. He appeared in the episode titled The Local Legend. 

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How Much Is The Net Worth Of Gabe Greenspan?

Gabe Greenspan, as of late 2022, is worth $1 million. His primary income source is his acting career.

Reportedly, the average earning of an American actor is 

The Hollywood actor's salaries range from $31,691 to $861,330, with a median salary of $154,747.

The middle 57% of Hollywood Actors make between $154,750 and $390,103, with the top 86% earning $861,330.

Source: [email protected]
Gabe Greenspan Net Worth 2022: $1 million

Similarly, he is also a theatre actor, and the salaries of Theater Actors in the US range from $23,214 to $623,331, with a median salary of $111,962.

Salary ranges can vary depending on experience, talent, additional skills, and the number of years.

The actors also earn from sponsorship, endorsements, commercials, and contracts.

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Who Is His Wife?

Gabe Greenspan is married to a girl named Kristina, whose Instagram handle is @itsholliman.

She is far from the media limelight, and little is revealed about her. Even her social media accounts are private.

The couple began dating in 2018 and got engaged in 2020. While celebrating the duo's three years of dating, Greenspan revealed their wedding plans.

Source: [email protected] 
Gabe Greenspan and Kristina's wedding day

In his Feb 2020 post, he said:

This time last year, we were just roommates who were dating. This time next year we'll be married. Happy three years, my love. Here's to many, many more smiles together.

Gabe and Kristina got married on September 6, 2020. The actor revealed the news via Instagram, stating:


Best day of my year.

Best day of my life.

Source: I[email protected] 
Gabe Greenspan with his wife Kristina and dogs 

The pair, smitten in love, has adopted two dogs and is living the best phase of their life.

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Gabe Was Unimpressed With Father Jason's Seinfeld

While the whole world is obsessed with Seinfeld and Jason Alexander's character George Costanza, he cannot be able to impress his own son.

In his defense, Gabe was only 12 when he said he did not like Seinfeld, but his comment was quite funny.

In his 2004 interview, Alexander said he impressed his then 12-year-old son Gabriel.

He said:

"(Gabriel) just discovered Seinfeld, 'cause we don't watch a lot of TV in the house. He said, 'Dad, what is this Seinfeld thing?' Everybody's talking about Seinfeld!"

He continued:

"I have all the episodes on tape and I said, 'Well, here's the tapes, pop a few in and see what you think.' He turns to me after watching five in a row and goes, 'Dad, you're an a-hole!' I'm putting you through college as an a-hole!"

Well, we hope he now loves dad's most successful role and tv show.

Actually, both his parents were on Seinfeld. Jason's wife, Daena E. Title, appeared in the show's final episode as one of the Jurors. 

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Jason Alexander: Career Highlights

Jason Alexander is an Emmy and Tony-winning actor. He gained massive fame as a short, stocky, bald, goofy, witty George Costanza in the television series Seinfeld (1989–1998).

He was nominated for seven consecutive Primetime Emmy Awards and four Golden Globe Awards for his role. Sadly, he did not win one.

Seinfeld is an American television sitcom created by Larry David and co-star Jerry Seinfeld.

It stars Seinfeld as a semi-fictionalized version of himself. It focuses on his personal life with three of his friends: his best friend, George Costanza (Jason Alexander), his former girlfriend, Elaine Benes (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), and his neighbor, Cosmo Kramer (Michael Richards).

Source: YouTube
Jason Alexander as George Costanza in the television series Seinfeld 

About his role, Alexander said:

I'm always more motivated by the pain of a funny character than by what makes him funny. The greatest part of the job was... that was for nine years it was a pleasure to go to work.

His other famous roles are Phillip Stuckey in Pretty Woman, Hugo in The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Duckman in the animated series Duckman.

He also appeared in the comedy show Dream On in a guest role, for which he was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series.

Jason finally won an Emmy but for a song. He won the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Original Song in 2020 for "The Bad Guys?" on Brainwashed By Toons.

Likewise, he has been equally active on stage, appearing in Broadway musicals, including Jerome Robbins' Broadway in 1989, for which he won the Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical.

Jason is also an avid poker player and has competed on televised poker shows in various tournaments.

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Jason Alexander? His Seinfeld Salary?

Jason Alexander is worth $50 million as of 2022. Talking about his Seinfeld salary, he, along with other Seinfeld co-stars (Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Michael Richards), reportedly earned a nominal amount of money for their work.

Their salaries were negotiated before season 5 in 1993, which was $150,000 per episode, roughly $3.8 million per season.

Later, in May 1997, the cast members called the makers to raise their salary to 1 million per episode or backend ownership points.

Source: [email protected] 
Jason Alexander Net Worth 2022: $50 million

Alexander, in an interview, said:

"Julia, Michael and I, during our big renegotiation for the final year, asked for something that I will go to my grave saying we should have had, and that is backendbackend participation in the profits for the show. It was categorically denied to us, which forced us to then ask for ungodly salaries. We make very little, standard Screen Actors Guild residuals for the reruns."

At the time, there was also a beef between him and co-star and co-creator Jerry. He explained to Jerry at the time:

"The day will come when you regret this decision, only because it's going to put us in a position eventually of seemingly tainting the wonderful impression of what this was for the four of us. You have created a rift between you and the three of us, and while we are in no way, shape or form looking for parity with you, you have created a chasm that is also inappropriate."

Finally, the network decided to give them $600,000 per episode for the show's final season, which is $15 million a season, $24 million today.

As of today, Alexander and the others receive royalties from when the show airs, which is in hundreds of thousands per year at most.

Compared to Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld, the money is meager. The duo still earns at least $50 million yearly from syndication points.

Cancer Survivor Daena E. Title-Actress And Painter

Daena E. Title is a former actress. She appeared in shows such as For Better or Worse and Just Looking.

She also appeared in her husband's show Seinfeld as one of the Jurors on the show's final episode.

She has not worked on tv/movies since the late 1990s. As of now, she is a self-described "social commentator" and "roaring feminist," per her Instagram.

Source: [email protected] 
Gabe Greenspan with his mother Daena E. Title

She is a painter who mainly works focusing on femininity and womanhood.

She wrote on her website:

"I am fascinated by the ways we re-invent ourselves in accordance to the whims of the society we inhabit; how we are influenced and indoctrinated by its dictates. These mixed media canvases are my social commentaries on the ongoing love-hate relationship between women, societal standards, and self esteem."

She further wrote:

"I enjoy the intersection between authenticity and conformity, beauty and distortion, complicity and rebellion. I am obsessed with what it is to be female, attractive, and performative in today's world, and how we can find our truth in all that noise."

Since 1997, her work has been shown in galleries, museums, and art fairs, such as NYC gallery Carter Burden and the Koplin Del Rio Gallery in Los Angeles.

Similarly, Title's work is displayed in the Carnegie Art Museum, The Oceanside Museum, the Long Beach Art Museum, the Riverside Museum, and the Torrance Art Museum.

Source: [email protected]_title 
One of Daena E. Title's paintings exhibited at Koplin Del Rio Gallery, Los Angeles "Drown the Dolls" 

She is also a breast cancer survivor. The news was revealed when Jason showed his support to co-star Julia Louis-Dreyfus who was also going through a similar experience.

The actor said:

"My wife went through this a couple years ago. When we first heard about Julia — I know she has breast cancer, I don't know much more. We sent her emails saying 'You must have a huge circuit of people closer than us to talk and share stories."

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