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Homestead Rescue Star Matt Raney Biography



Facts of Matt Raney

Birth Date1982
Full NameMatt Raney
OccupationTelevision Personality
Father NameMarty Raney
Mother NameMollee Roestel
Gender IdentityMale
Marital StatusMarried
FilmographyHomestead Rescue
Insta LinkInsta Link

Like Father Like Son!! Matt Raney is the youngest son of survivalist Marty Raney, and he is, even more, a lover of wilderness and an off-grid lifestyle. 

He is a series regular on Discovery's Homestead Rescue and Homestead Rescue: Raney Ranch.

How much is his net worth? Who is his wife? We have all the details of his personal and professional life.

Early Life: Parents, Age, Siblings

Matt Raney was born in 1982 (age 40) to Mollee Roestel and Marty Raney

He was raised in the wilderness of Alaska and was taught to live as a survivalist. 

His father, Marty, is a known wilderness lover, survivalist and former musician.

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Trip down the memory lane!! Baby Matt Raney

He has three siblings; a brother named Miles and two sisters, Melanee and Misty Raney

Miles and Melanee are comparatively low-key and do not appear on the media platform.

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Siblings goals!! Misty with her older brother Matt Raney

On the other hand, Matt and Misty are among the main casts of Homestead Rescue and Homestead Rescue: Raney Ranch. 

They help people build houses, farm, hunt, and teach other survival instincts on the show.

Married Life: Wife And Children

The 40-year-old survivalist is married to Hawaiian girl Katie Raney. She frequently appears with her husband on his reality show.

As per Matt's Facebook bio, the couple tied the knot in 2016 in an intimate wedding ceremony. They welcomed their first child, a son named Indy Raney, in 2018.

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Perfect family-Matt with his wife and son

Later, on August 21, 2021, Matt and Katie welcomed a baby girl named Ruby Raney. 

The happy duo shared precious moments with the world via their hit reality show Homestead Rescue.

Matt revealed that Indy was the happiest as he was now a big brother.

"Indy has been excited to be a big brother long before we had Ruby in our lives! He calls her "Little Sister" and helps and cares for a Ruby really well."

Similarly, as per the reality star, the name Ruby was both an homage to his birthplace Alaska which has a town named Ruby, and to Katie's father, who used to work in that town.

"Ruby is a beautiful name that we both liked, it also is a place in Alaska on the Yukon river with less than 200 people. Katie's Dad spent a lot of time working in and around the town of Ruby, and always spoke fondly of it."

The adorable family is often featured on the show, and fans love their chemistry.

Matt Raney's love For His Beard

Raney is known for many things, including his unreal hunting skills, mountain climbing, building houses, and, believe it or not, for his beard.

His obsession with beards is not a new thing for his fans-he has a foot-long grey beard look which is his trademark. 

The Homestead Rescue star also attends and hosts beard competitions per his Facebook profile. 

Basically, the contest is to choose a man with the most beautiful, strong, and long beard.

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Matt Raney's obsession with his beard is real

Additionally, he was seen using those fake beard apps on his little girl in one of his viral TikTok videos.

Career Highlights: What Is His Net Worth?

Born and raised in the Alaskan wilderness, it is not surprising that Matt was always into hunting and building. 

Similarly, he grew up learning animal husbandry and farming on his uncle's farm.

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The Raney Family

Raney is especially into hunting and is considered the best among the Raney family. 

In 2015, he alone brought in over 1,000 pounds of fish, caribou, moose, and sheep. 

The meat was shared between the family members, including his siblings and parents, to get through the extreme Alaskan winter.

"I've had encounters with bears, wolves and run naked with the Caribou," says Matt. "Our family has embraced a lifestyle of subsistence. Throughout all the years our only objective has been to fill out a freezer full of salmon, halibut, caribou, doll sheep, and moose. We've had good years and bad, but I can't remember the last time I ate at a fast food place or bought meat from a market."

He was first seen with his father on National Geographic's 'Ultimate Survival Alaska’-an expedition through the Brooks Mountain range. 

Later, Matt joined the reality show Homestead Rescue, where he helps people build their farms, and houses, hunt, and survive the extreme environment with his father and sister.

In 2020, the family introduced the new reality show Homestead Rescue: Raney Ranch. 

The series is about the challenges and battles the Raney family faces to finish their multi-generational homestead.

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The Raney Family

As for his net worth and income, the 40-year-old reality star is worth $500k.

As per sources, his annual income is $200k, including his salary of $20k per episode. Additionally, Matt helps run the family business, Alaska Stone and Log.

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