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Meet Arlene Guzman Todd Known For The Infamous Affair With Former North Carolina State Senator Cal Cunningham

Published Thu Jun 16 2022 By Riley
Meet Arlene Guzman Todd Known For The Infamous Affair With Former North Carolina State Senator Cal Cunningham

Arlene Guzman Todd is a California-based Communications & Business Strategist who expertise in public relations. She worked at Potnt as a media director. 

Guzman Todd made headlines back in 2020 when her extra-marital affair with North Carolina Democratic Senate Candidate Cal Cunningham became public.

A National File reporter Patrick Howley leaked their many private messages on Twitter on October 1st, 2020.

Arlene is married to Army veteran Jeremy Todd, who served 15 years in the US Army with five combat deployments.

Here get all the details of Arlene Guzman Todd's personal and professional life, including her age, husband, children, family, and affair with Cal Cunningham.

Who Is Arlene Guzman Todd?

Arlene Guzman Todd was born in 1984 and is 38 years old as of May 2022. She stands at the height of 5 feet 5 inches or 164.5 cm.

She studied at Occidental College, earning a Bachelor's degree in Arts, Spanish Language, and Literature.

Guzman Todd earned her master's degree from George Washington University.

Later, she attended Pepperdine University specializing in Clinical Psychology.

As per the sources, Arlene has worked as the Executive Staff in the Governor and First Lady's conference on women.

She was also the communications and government Affairs Specialis for VantagePoint Capital partners from 2009-12.

Additionally, Guzman served as the Marketing Manager of Comcast Ventures from 2012-to 13 as the Comcast Corporate Ventures capital affiliate.

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Arlene Guzman Todd Is Married To Army Veteran-Who Is Her Husband?

Arlene Todd is married to Jeremy Todd. The couple reportedly met during their college.

They have been together for many years and also have two children.

Her husband served for more than 15 years in the U.S. Army and was deployed to combat five times in countries Iraq and Afghanistan.

Source: YouTube
Army Veteran Jeremy Todd 

As per the sources, Todd was seriously injured during a proficiency parachute jump at Fort Bragg.

A petition submitted by Guzman Todd states that Jeremy, who had served in the Army for 19 years, was denied for Continuation of Active Duty Request (COAD).

It enabled him to complete his twenty years in the Army service and deprived him of his full retirement.

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Arlene Guzman Todd And Cal Cunningham's Scandalous Affair: Full Details

American lawyer, former military officer and politician Cal Cunningham ran for a 2020 U.S. Senate election in North Carolina when his affair with another married woman was revealed to the media.

Cunningham, who was also married to Elizabeth Kolb and father of two teenage children, was highly criticized for his actions.

Patrick Howley, a reporter from, shared a couple of adult texts between Cunningham and Guzman Todd in October 2020.

The report included pictures of their text messages where both talked about kissing each other and more.

One text from the politician was: "Would make my day to roll over and kiss you about now."

Similarly, Guzman also texted: "I have flexibility this month — done with school, training, big RFPs, etc. So the only thing I want on my to do list is you."

As per the sources, Guzman and Cal first met in March in Los Angeles, and a second meeting was in July in North Carolina, where they first got intimate.

Arlene's one text to her best friend confirms that she and Cunningham had s*x at the latter's home, and it was weird.

She also mentioned that Cal was avoiding him, and it was frustrating. Guzman also mentioned that she would reveal their text to the public and destroy his political career.

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Arlene Guzman Todd, Cal Cunningham, And Jeremy Todd's Responses Post Affair Confirmation

Cal Cunningham, who was running for the 2020 U.S. Senate election in North Carolina, was highly criticized for his action.

Source: YouTube
Cal Cunningham: Lawyer, Politician, And Former US Army 

Though he and his wife Elizabeth Kolb did not comment personally on the issue and remained mum the entire time, his representative released a statement.

The politician admitted his affair and sought forgiveness. The statement read:

"I have hurt my family, disappointed my friends, and am deeply sorry. The first step in repairing those relationships is taking complete responsibility, which I do. I ask that my family's privacy be respected in this personal matter".

Similarly, Arlene Guzman Todd also released an apology stating:

"Apologies for the pain and embarrassment, and disrespect I've caused to my immediate family, loved ones, and everyone affected by this situation."

She continued:

"A few months back, I displayed a lapse in judgment by engaging in a relationship with Cal Cunningham during a period of marital separation."

The statement further read:

"The relationship spanned several months and consisted primarily of a series of text exchanges and an in-person encounter."

Jeremy Todd's Reaction To His Wife's Affair With Cal Cunningham; A Former Army Officer

On the other hand, Jeremy Todd was heartbroken. In the previous interviews, he had mentioned that his wife was the real superhero.

The Army veteran said:

"My wife carried me through. She is really the superhero in all this. The wives are the unsung heroes of the military, the spouses that deal with everything."

He further said:

"Without good wives and family, I don't think soldiers would be successful in their missions and everything they do."

The news obviously came as a huge shock for him. In yet another text chain of Arlene Guzman and her friend, she said that "Jeremy was all su**dal and sht a couple of nights ago."

She further wrote, "he had a g*n out and make like desperate calls for attention." Guzman added: "I could not be bothered."

She also said that she told Cal about her husband's situation, and he replied, "You're going to be the best therapist ever at this rate."

Jeremy Todd publicly called out Cal Cunningham for his actions. In an interview with Fox News, the Army Veteran said:

"Cunningham, a lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserve, chose to repeatedly engage in activities that would hurt his family and a fellow junior officer and veteran."

He further said:

"If elected, I can only imagine how misplaced his judgment would be for the people he's charged to represent."

Todd continued:

"I firmly believe Mr. Cunningham should drop out of the Senate race and ask that his behavior and actions be reviewed under the Uniform Code of Military Justice."

Cunningham lost the election to incumbent Republican Thom Tillis.

Where Are Arlene Guzman Todd And Jeremy Todd Now?

Since the incident, Arlene and Jeremy have remained out of the media and public radar.

There are no reports of their marital status. The couple had a public fallout, but we sure hope they have worked things out.

As of now, they are living a much-needed private life.

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