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Meet Child Prodigy Nishaad Shah-Son Of Grammy-winning New York-based Indian Singer Falu Aka Falguni Shah

Published Wed Jul 13 2022 By Riley
Meet Child Prodigy Nishaad Shah-Son Of Grammy-winning New York-based Indian Singer Falu Aka Falguni Shah

Nishaad Shah is a child artist who was one of the singers of the child album A Colorful World, which won the Grammy for Best Children's Album award in 2022.

His mother, Falguni Shah, known by her stage name Falu, is a singer and songwriter of the mentioned album.

Falu is the only Indian-origin nominated for Grammy in the Best Children's Music Album category twice. She was also nominated in 2018 for her debut kids project, "Falu's Bazaar."

Also, his father Gaurav Shah is an occasional musician and businessman. 

Only at 11, Shan now has a Grammy-winning song on his credit and has a long way to go.

Nishaad Shah Parents-Son Of Falu And Gaurav Shah

Nishaad's parents Falu and Gaurav Shah got married in a lavish  Indian wedding ceremony in 2002.

Falu was born Falguni Dalal and was raised in Mumbai, India. Her mother, Kishori Dalal, is a classical singer. 

As of July 2022, she is in his early 40s. Always into singing, Falu is trained in the Jaipur Gharana musical tradition and later studied under master Ustad Sultan Khan. 

Similarly, her husband Shah is an Indian native raised in Texas who is also into music.

Source: [email protected]
Falu with her husband Gaurav Shah-The couple got married in 2002.

Also, he is a Harvard University graduate oncologist and CEO of a pharmaceutical company and also writes & sings in his spare time. 

Shah is a band member of the Boston-based Indo-American band Karishma whose Falguni is the lead singer.

The couple gave birth to Nishaad Shah in 2012. He is currently 11 years old. 

The family breaths music-their x-factor is the process of blending classical Indian melodies with contemporary western sounds. 

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Grammy-winning Album, A Colourful World, Was Created To Answer Nishaad Shah's Innocent Yet Profound Questions To Mother Falu

History was created in the 2022 Grammy awards ceremony-Falu became the first-ever Indian woman nominated for Grammy under the children's album category twice and won one. 

The album, A Colorful World, was created in 2021 in collaboration with producer Kenya Autie.

Source: [email protected]
Many more to come!! Falu holding her first Grammy

The proud singer shared the picture of her holding a Grammy and expressed her surreal experience on Instagram.

"I have no words to describe today's magic. What an honor to perform for the opening number of the GRAMMY Premier Ceremony, and then take home a statue on behalf of all the incredible people who worked on A Colorful World. We are humbled and thank the Recording Academy for this tremendous recognition. THANK YOU!"

Indian-origin Falu, in an interview, revealed that her then nine-year-old son Nishaad's questions inspired her to make her Grammy-winning album.

Source: [email protected]
Adorable! Falu with her son Nishaad Shah

In the midst of the COVID-pandemic and many unfortunate incidents faced by people of color, her son, Nishaad, asked her two questions. 

First was, "If you are not white, what do you lose in terms of privilege?" followed by, "Why do white people get away with things that colored people don't?"

Falu was taken back by these queries-not just as a mother but also as a human being; how would someone answer the concept of racism to a nine-year-old-that people are discriminated against based on the color of their skin.

Source: [email protected]
Falu's Grammy-winning Album A Colorful World

The singer then decided to do what she does best: create music to answer her child's complicated yet essential questions. 

She wanted Nishaad to know that the world is not black or white, it's different colors, and all of us can choose to live peacefully.

"So we make a song about being brown or what our real identity is. The story was simple – the crayons are all of the different colours but they live in one box together peacefully. I wanted to show him that being brown is alright. And music gets through kids in a much easier way."

A colorful World connected with people, becoming a hit among children. 

A simple book with a more meaningful message became kids' favorite and gave Falu her first Grammy.

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Nishaad Shah Does Not Want To A Be Singer Professionally

Considering 11-year-old Nishaad Shah's family background, it does not come as a surprise that he is also a singer.

Both his parents and grandparents have introduced him to the music world, and he is already in the winning race.

He was one of the singers of the Grammy-winning album  A Colorful World.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Nishaad gave his exclusive response to the win.

The child artist stated:

"The most memorable thing was walking towards the stage from our seats and getting nervous about whether I would drop the trophy from my hands since I didn't know how much it would weigh."

He also talked about how it is difficult for him to manage time between music and school.

Source: [email protected] 
Nishaad Shah learning music with his mother and grandmother

Shah then mentioned how his legendary mother helped him to learn to focus and concentrate, which helped him in both music and school work.

"Last summer my mom inspired me to do a mini chilla where I sat in one place and sang one raga (yaman) for four hours nonstop for forty days. It was a very different experience for me as I had to learn how to focus and concentrate on one scale and improvise for four hours without stopping."

He continued:

"After doing chilla I discovered that I was able to focus and study like that at school too, and that made everyone in my family very happy including me."

Despite all his musical background, Nishaad does not want to be a professional singer.

He stated he wants to keep music as a hobby like his father, be an astronaut, and go to space in the future.

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Falu-Career Highlights And Net Worth

The Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Falu is trained in the semi-classical music from Uday Mazumdar and Benares style of thumri under Kaumudi Munshi. 

After moving to Boston, she joined Karishma as a lead vocalist with her spouse.

Later, the singer moved to New York and formed a band of the same name, and began performing at music venues in different places in New York. Falu slowly but steadily began to garner the attention of fans across the country.

Source: [email protected]
Young Falu

During the initial years, Falu and her band worked with Yo-Yo Ma's Silk Road Project at Carnegie Hall (Zankel), joined the Born Into Brothels Ensemble, and collaborated with Wyclef Jean. 

In fact, they also featured on FOX channel's Fearless Music and sang a song called Rabba, which became the first Hindi song ever to be aired on the network.

Similarly, in 2009, the Karishma lead singer was invited to the White House at President Obama's first State Dinner in honor of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. 

She sang alongside another Indian gem, Oscar-winning singer, songwriter, and composer A.R. Rahman.

Over the years, Falu made many successful albums, including Melodies of Circumstance, Nearly Home by Karishma, Asana OHM Shanti, Global Noize, A Prayer for the Planet and others.

Source: [email protected]
Falu during one of her recording sessions

In 2018, she created Falu's Bazaar, which included twelve songs in Hindi, English, and Gujarati. The album was nominated for a Grammy in the Best Children's Music category in 2019 and gave her huge international recognition.

Similarly, she was among the 20 most influential global Indian women by the Economic Times of India in 2015 and also Won the Women Icons of India award in Mumbai, India, in 2018.

Following that, Falu created A Colorful World by Falu in 2021, and the rest is history. 

It is beautiful to witness a singer who chooses children's (a future generation) albums to spread the message of equality and peace in today's context.

As of July 2022, Falu is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million with an average income of $200k annually.

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