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Meet Danielle Swayze, Niece Of Late Patrick Swayze: Everything From Her Age, Husband, To Father, And Family

Published Mon Jun 20 2022 By Riley
Meet Danielle Swayze, Niece Of Late Patrick Swayze: Everything From Her Age, Husband, To Father, And Family

Danielle Swayze came to the limelight because of her famous Swayze surname. She is the niece of the late actor, dancer and singer Patrick Swayze.

Also, she is the granddaughter of popular choreographer late Patsy Swayze and the daughter of actor Don Swayze

Unlike her family, Danielle is not in the entertainment field; however, she has been in the news frequently, all thanks to her famous family.

From her two-month wedding to Ne* N*zi husband, estranged relationship with father Don, and feud with aunt Patrick's widow Lisa Niemi, Danielle Swayze has had her fair share of controversies over the years.

Here, get the full details on her personal and professional life, including age, spouse, parents, career, etc.

Niece Of Patrick Swayze- Age, Father, Uncle, Family

Danielle Swayze was born on April 8, 1988, to actor father Don Swayze and actress mother Marcia Swayze. Currently, she is 34 years old.

Her old man is a famous character actor known for roles in movies and television shows such as True Blood, Sons Of Anarchy, Criminal Minds, Days of Our Life, and NCIS.

Similarly, Danielle's mom is an actress known for appearances in shows like The Last Road, Rule No.3, and Command & Conquer.

Don and Marcia got married on December 31, 1985. They divorced, citing irreconcilable differences, in 1993 after eight years. 

Reportedly, the father-daughter's relationship turned sour post-separation.

Both Don and Danielle have publicly accepted having a problematic relationship with each other.

On the other hand, she shared a great bond with her late uncle Patrick Swayze.

He is considered one of the iconic actors of all time. He was most renowed for his roles as Johnny Castle in Dirty Dancing and Sam Wheat Ghost.

Likewise, Danielle's grandmother Patsy Swayze was an American film choreographer, dancer, and dance instructor known for working in Urban Cowboy, Hope Floats, and Liar's Moon.

She died of stroke complications on September 16, 2013, at the age of 86.

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Death Of Patrick Swayze: Danielle's Feud With Patrick's Widow Lisa Niemi

Patrick Swayze was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer. He died of pneumonia caused due to chemotherapy complications on September 14, 2009, at the age of 57.

Danielle and Patrick shared a great bond. In 2016, the former shared a heartfelt caption on her uncle's death anniversary.

Source: Facebook
Danielle Swayze with her uncle Patrick Swayze 

She said that he was the only Swayze who treated her like she was not a "Swayze" but a normal girl.

The caption read:

I lost the only Swayze who didn't treat me like I HAD to carry on our "legacy," he always made me feel that whatever I wanted to do, I should do it because my happiness is all that mattered."

Patrick Swayze was worth $75 million at the time of his death. All his properties, shares, and assets were transferred to his wife, Lisa. 

The couple did not have a child, and she became the sole owner of all his riches.

Later, all Swayze family members called out Lisa for neglecting them and misusing Patrick's property. Danielle was very vocal about the issue.

She publicly called out her aunt and released a statement stating how Lisa had hurt her family. 

She said:

"If my Uncle were still here he would be mortified at how his "wife" has treated my family and I in just the 4 short years after he died."

Danielle also said that Lisa refused to give even the smallest souvenir, a cowboy hat or a pair of boots, nothing for his brothers or even his mother.

She further stated:

"She (Lisa) refused to pay a single penny for Granny's hospice care and/or funeral costs forcing myself to take direct action and raise Donations to bury the mother-in-law she claims deep "love and respect" for."

Swayze also claimed that she used Patrick's name only for the money and used his fans for sympathy.

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Danielle Swayze's Husband-Controversial Wedding That Ended In Two Months

Danielle Swayze was married to a tattoo artist and a Ne* Nai Joshua Steever. Steever was a gang leader and a racist. In fact, the word was tattooed on his forehead.

Danielle married him at the age of 23 in 2011, going against all her family members. 

Don also publicly called out his daughter, stating:

'Obviously I wasn't invited to the wedding, but I can't believe she would be that stupid.'

His publicist also revealed that Dan tried really hard to break the relationship, but nothing worked.

'He pleaded with Danielle to rethink what she wants to do with her life".

Their wedding lasted only for two months. In December 2011, Danielle separated from Joshua Steever.

She revealed that: "she'd just got carried away and had no interest in continuing their relationship. Joshua was heartbroken.'

As of now, Danielle is in a relationship with @_erykmg. The pair is very public about their relationship on social media.

Source: [email protected]ruthless3c
Danielle Swayze with her boyfriend

In one of the posts, her boyfriend shared a heartfelt message that gave us a glimpse of their strong bond.

He wrote:

"This girl is dangerous, not because she will harm you, but because she does not know the power she holds. She will conquer you without knowledge and leave you defenseless with her smile. And you wont even mind."

Career And Net Worth

As mentioned earlier, Swayze lives a very private life. She was always against her family's fame and lived a life away from the spotlight.

Source: Facebook
Danielle Swayze 

Unlike her parents and uncle, she chose a very different path. If we believe the sources, she is a writer.

There are almost no details on her net worth and income; however, her estranged father is worth $3 million as of May 2022.

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