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Meet Kelsy Ully, Former Wife Of Jonathan Scott-A Saga Of Rush Wedding That Ended In Years-Long Divorce Trial



Facts of Kelsy Ully

Birth Date1988
Full NameKelsy Ully
Birth NameKelsy Ully
Birth CountryAmerica
Gender IdentityFemale
Marital StatusDivorced
SpouseJonathan Scott

Kelsy Ully is the former wife of Property Brothers co-host, construction contractor, and illusionist Jonathan Scott.

The couple first met in the early 2000s, got married in 2007, and divorced in 2009.

Television personality Scott has publicly admitted that he and Ully had a toxic marriage and even an uglier divorce.

What actually happened between the pair? Where is Kelsy Ully now? We have all the personal and professional details here.

Who Is Kelsy Ully? Age And Education

Kelsy Ully was born in 1988 somewhere in America. She is currently 34-years-old and stands at 5 feet 5 inches.

There are no other details about her personal life, including her family and siblings.

As for education, as per her Linked In profile, she attended Mount Royal University in 2004 and graduated in Business Administration in 2007.

Later, Ully enrolled at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas in 2008. Also, she attended Mount Royal University for CAPPA Level 1.

Similarly, Kelsy joined Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in 2016 for the Applied Project Management Certificate of Achievement.

Kelsy Ully And Jonathan Scott: A Story Of Heartbreak

Ully and Scott first met in the early 2000s when the former was working as a WestJet crew scheduler, and the latter was training to be an illusionist.

It was an instant connection. In fact, the television personality Scott relocated from Canada to Las Vegas to be with her.

The couple tied the knot on July 7, 2007. Later, Scott revealed that it was a rush wedding.

As per Jonathan, Kelsy wanted to get married on 07/07/07 . . . so their wedding wasn't something that naturally happened.

In his memoir, It Takes Two: Our Story; he revealed that he should have known his marriage was doomed from the start when his bride wouldn't compromise on their wedding plans.

"She would not agree to have bagpipers play at the ceremony in honor of my family's Scottish heritage."

He continued saying:

"I regretted not holding my ground about something so important to me. I guess that was a yellow traffic light I blew right through".

Ugly Divorce Trial That Lasted More Than Kelsy And Scott's Marriage -What Went Wrong?

Ully and Scott separated only after three years of marriage in 2009.

The reality star says he found out about their broken marraige via Kelsy's Facebook status.

In 2009, Scott looked at his then-wife's Facebook and found out that she had scrubbed him from her Facebook and changed her relationship status from married to blank.

He recalled the story in his memoir he co-wrote with twin brother Drew and stated that he was completely heartbroken and devastated.

Jonathan wrote in the book that Kelsy's job as a cocktail waitress at a day club ruined their marriage.

He stated:

"My wife was out every night, coming home later and later. She had a whole subset of friends now that I barely knew, and I was rarely invited to join them."

He continued:

"Work seemed to put more and more distance between us."

The couple also tried therapy to save their marriage, but Kelsy did not want to continue it.

The television host stated:

"Sitting in the therapist's office alone sealed the fate of our marriage and brought me clarity about it."

The day duo separated, illusionist and construction contractor Scott presented Kelsy with the divorce, separation, and property, which became the main reason for their ugly divorce.

Earlier document was filed by Jonathan's mother, Joanne, an assistant in a Canadian law office.

The document stated that Scott would have the ownership of a home they owned in Calgary, and Kelsy would have her right to spousal support and claim on Jonathan's business.

However, even after signing the papers, Ully later claimed her disagreement over the papers.

She claimed that her American lawyer had no idea of Canadian law, and since Jonathan lived in Las Vegas, their earlier agreement should not be valid.

Later, Kelsy filed a document painting Scott as a cold and ruthless who forced her to move out of their house.

She testified, stating:

"He told me that he didn't want me living in our home in LA anymore and that I needed to move."

He Said She Said: Harassment Claims & Property Disputes

During divorce trials, Kelsy Ully accused Jonathan Scott of coercion and harassment.

She claimed that she signed the contract after the reality star threatened her, her family, and her friends.

Ully stated:

"He repeatedly showed up at my house, several calls to myself, family, and friends about getting the documents signed."

She continued:

"I wanted to get it signed so that I did not have to deal with him showing up at my house, at my work, calling my friends and family."

Their divorce documents also claimed that both Jonathan and Kelsy were in debt.

Court documents showed that The Property Brothers star Scott owed $692,187.21, including a $68,006.19 loan from his parents and a $412,244.83 mortgage.

Also, Kelsy had a $23,831.48 car loan on her Mercedes SLK and a $14k personal loan.

Jonathan claimed that his wife was a big spender, and designer bags, shoes, and expensive vacations led them to almost bankruptcy.

In Fact, Scott did file for bankruptcy before Property Brothers happened.

Finally, after four years of long and exhausting trials, their divorce was finalized.

Their first signed divorce and property contract papers were claimed binding, valid, and enforceable.

Aftermath: Jonathan Scott Claims His Devastating Divorce Helped Him Appreciate His New Relationships

Separation is never easy, and if it ends up being a year-long trial, it's even more devastating.

Accusing and blaming a person you once loved most definitely breaks your heart in pieces.

But sometimes bad experience helps you appreciate the good ones even more.

Source: [email protected]
Canadian reality television personality Jonathan Scott

Canadian reality television personality Scott also claimed that his broken first marriage helped him understand and value his new relationships.

In an interview with People, he stated:

"Being married was a huge part of my life. "I spent six-and-a-half years with someone, and it didn't work. Anyone in a long-term relationship knows how hard that is."

He continued:

"After that, I felt defeated, but I learned a lot," he says. "I don't think I could enjoy what I have today if I hadn't gone through a failed marriage."

Where Is Kelsy Ully Now?

Kelsy Ully has never been on the public platform. She only became a subject of interest when her former husband Jonathan talked about his secret marriage and divorce.

Scott actually kept his marriage details hidden for many years from the public eye and only revealed it a few years back.

Ully lives a very private life, and nothing is revealed about her.

However, as per the sources, she is currently working as Director Of Business Operations.

Even after the ugly divorce trials, Jonathan also has good things to say about her.

The reality star revealed that they were good people stuck in a bad relationship.

The Property Brothers star was in a serious relationship with Canadian radio producer Jacinta Kuznetsov. But the couple broke up in 2018.

Source: [email protected]
Jonathan Scott with his current girlfriend actress Zooey Deschanel

Later, he started dating actress and model Zooey Deschanel (previously married to Jacob Pechenik). 

They first met in August 2019 while filming a segment of Carpool Karaoke on James Cordon's show. 

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