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Pose Actor Dyllón Burnside Biography- Partner, Age, Height, Net worth



Facts of Dylln Burnside

Birth DateJanuary 27,1989
Full NameDyllon Burnside
OccupationActor, Singer
Height172 cm
FilmographyHigh Maintenance,Pose
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American actor and singer Dyllón Burnside has been active in the Glamour industry since the age of twelve. 

He is best known for portraying Ricky Evangelista, a dancer, in the FX television series Pose. 

Besides, he is famous for his appearances on High Maintenance, Peter Pan Live! , Yinz, and many more.

Burnside identifies himself as queer and is very vocal about LGBTQ rights. 

He takes a strong stand against toxic masculinity and poor LGBTQ representation for people of color.

Here know more about his personal and professional life, including age, height, partner, and net worth.

Early Life- Age, Height, Family

Dyllon Burnside was born on January 27, 1989, in Miami, Florida, US. 

He is 33 years as of now (July 2022) and stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (172 cm).

Per his Instagram, he lost his father (a veteran) in 2022; the actor shared their old video with an emotional caption.

He stated: 

There’s so much I could say about this man. Still very much processing this transition in his life and all of ours. But for now, I’ll just say I love you Pops and I’m so grateful for you and all you’ve been to me. 

He continued: 

"I’m sad and a little all over the place emotionally but I take comfort in knowing you’re no longer in pain. Rest well, my King.

Source: [email protected] 
Young Dyllon Burnside with his father

Further, Burnside was raised on a ranch in Pensacola, Florida, raising animals such as horses, chickens, cows, and pigs. 

There are not many details about his parents and family, but he did mention his family's objection to his lifestyle.

They wanted him to be a singer, but he was more into dancing, especially ballet, which was a girl's style as per his relatives.

"The things that I was interested in didn't necessarily align with my family's or society's idea of what it meant to be a man. … I can still be a male and sing Mozart or take a ballet class and that it not have anything to do with anything other than I wanted to take a ballet class."

Burnside did not allow himself to be what society and his family members considered "normal." 

Life should be lived as per your desire, not as per your gender, and the actor cum dancer proved it by leaving home and moving to New York City to fulfill his dream to be a ballet dancer.

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Personal Life-Who Is Dyllón Burnside's Partner?

As mentioned earlier, the Pose alum Burnside is openly queer.

In an interview with Dr. Drew Ramsey, M.D. for Men's Health magazine in 2020 via Instagram, he identified himself as queer and not gay.

Source: [email protected]
Dyllón Burnside in an interview session with Men's Health magazine 

He said that queerness was about understanding that he exists outside of the sexual binary of just straight and gay.

"I just want to assert that I identify as queer, not gay. Some might think it's semantics but for me it's important. ... My experience of my sexuality has been one that is a bit more fluid and a bit more complex than just identifying as gay. "

Moving towards his dating life, he hasn't officially announced any of his relationships yet. 

Though Burnside has revealed dating both men and women in the past, the details are kept under wraps.

There were rumors of him dating his Pose co-star Ryan Jamaal Swain who portrayed the role of homeless LGBTQ+ dancer character, Damon Richards-Evangelista, in the series. 

His chemistry with the on-screen boyfriend Swain was unmatchable, which convinced fans that they were a real-life couple. 

Source: YouTube
Dyllón Burnside with his co-star Ryan Jamaal Swain on Pose 

However, Burnside and Ryan were only dating on the show and are nothing more than just good friends. 

When asked about the actor's view on dating co-stars in an interview, he replied-Never again!!

"You know actually I dated a co-star in the past and I learned that it was not a good idea."

Burnside also makes headlines for his views on toxic masculinity and LGBTQ representation for people of color.

"All of the work that I seek to do and the work I want to do is about pushing the boundaries or blurring the lines of what it means to be a man. I think manhood as a construct is very dangerous and has caused a lot of pain and destruction in our world".

He understands the importance of acceptance and representation and how one example can build a thousand dreams. 

The actor wants to set benchmarks for closeted queer people of color that anything is possible if you dream big and society cannot choose your destiny.

Career Highlights- Known For Roles In High Maintenance & Pose

Dyllon started singing at the age of 12 as the lead singer of the hip-hop/R&B boy band "3D" along with his two cousins. 

His mother managed the band, and they even toured with A-listers like Rihanna and Steve Wonder. 

The band signed under Atlantic Records and performed in venues like Nokia Theater and Madison Square Garden.

After ten years in the band, Burnside wanted to explore his talent, wanted to do arts less traditionally masculine. 

Though his family and parents were against it, he attended the CAP21 conservatory to take a vocal major and moved to New Took City to learn acting and dance.

He later enrolled at The New School and earned a bachelor's degree in media studies. 

Burnside started acting in theatre, the first role being Anthony in the Tupac-inspired musical Holler if Ya Me on Broadway in 2014. 

Moreover, he also appeared in NBC's Peter Pan Live! as Prickles and in HBO's High Maintenance as Lionel.

The 33-year-old gained massive popularity from the TV series Pose, which is a story of ball culture and the gay and trans community, the raging AIDS crisis, and capitalism.

The actor played the role of Ricky for 19 episodes. He was nominated in Pena de Prata for Best Ensemble in a Drama Series Pose in 2018.

Source: [email protected]
Dyllón Burnside on the TV series Pose

In addition, Pose alum has also performed in the films like Yinz, Central Park and Misunderstood.

Similarly, the High Maintenance star also worked as a producer on the award-winning short film The jump and also Hold Up The Light. 

Additionally, Burnside teaches performing arts workshops and motivates young people to find their means of self-expression.

Net Worth- How Much Money Does Pose Star Dyllón Burnside Makes As A Producer, Actor, & Singer?

Pose star, Burnside has an estimated net worth of $4 million

His income sources are his professions as an actor, singer, and producer. 

Source: [email protected] 
Dyllon Burnside Net Worth 2022: $4 million

The average annual pay of an actor in the United States is $32,367 a year. Similarly, being a producer, Burnside makes $54,980 per year and $48,741 as a singer.

He also earns from Instagram, his estimated earnings are between $1012.5-$1687.5 per sponsored post.

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