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Reality Star And Evergreen Construction CEO Barbara Kavovit-How Much Is Her Net Worth?

Published Thu Dec 22 2022 By riley
Reality Star And Evergreen Construction CEO Barbara Kavovit-How Much Is Her Net Worth?

Proud New Yorker Barbara Kavovit is an author, businesswoman, reality television star, and political candidate.

She is known for appearing in the Bravo reality series The Real Housewives of New York City as a guest on seasons 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9.

Kavovit is also the author of three books: Room for Improvement (2005), Invest in Your Nest (2006), and Heels of Steel (2019).

Similarly, as a businesswoman, "the woman of all seasons," Barbara became the CEO of Evergreen Construction. One of the company's biggest and most talked-about projects is the renovation of Harvey Weinstein's former New York City offices by an all-female group.

Likewise, she announced her candidacy for the 2021 New York City Democratic mayoral primary, eventually dropping out in June of that same year.

However, she again announced her candidacy in 2022 for the New York City Democratic mayoral race.

Kavovit undoubtedly has a hand full of herself, but she also had her own struggles. The reality star has been open about her financial issues in the past, including owing $2.6 million to Deutsche Bank.

How is she doing now? How much is her net worth?

Also, what is her age? Who are her son and husband? We have all the details of her personal and professional life here.

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Barbara Kavovit? Owned Millions To Deutsche Bank

According to the sources, Barbara Kavovit is currently (2023) worth $1 million; however, this is not an official figure.

She has had a few financial issues in the past. She and her father, Joseph Kavovit, took out a loan for $2.6 million to purchase a $7 million mansion in Wainscott in 2006, which they could not pay.

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Barbara Kavovit: Net Worth Details

After Joseph's death in 2013, Barbara became responsible for the loan. She filed for personal bankruptcy in 2015.

According to Radar Online, she filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy on March 16, 2015, owing $1,178,350 to creditors. She also owed $63,000 in income taxes, including penalties and interest.

Similarly, Barbara owed $86,000 in unpaid rent and racked up $25,000 in American Express credit card debt. Also, she failed to pay $747,900 in legal fees.

Her monthly income at that time was only $20,000, and she had monthly expenses of $12,670.

In her conversation with Page Six in June of 2019, Barbara confirmed her financial struggles. She stated:

"Part of being an entrepreneur means that business and life can sometimes take unexpected turns. In 2015, I filed for personal bankruptcy protection, which has been discharged, and am currently in settlement discussions with Deutsche Bank, with every expectation this will be concluded soon.

Similarly, as per Page Six, the bank first sued Kavovit in 2018, and Kavovit accused her of failing to pay her mortgage.

The bank wanted to put "the home into foreclosure." Instead, it sued Kavovit for the full balance plus interest and asked a judge to let it sell the home at a public auction.

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Barbara Kavovit Reveals Her Financial Struggles

The reality star filed her own papers and asked the judge to dismiss the case on the basis that the bank should have gone after her father's estate and not hers as the deed was transferred to her father in 2010.

In 2019, in order to offset the remaining loan to her bank, she listed the 6,500-square-foot Wainscott home for rent on for $130,000 "for the rest of July through Labor Day."

As per Wikipedia, in August 2020, she was in settlement discussions with Deutsche Bank. There are no further details available.

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Income Sources-As A Reality Star, Businesswoman, And An Author

Barbara Kavovit studied economics and finance at the State University of New York at Oswego and graduated with a bachelor's degree in 1987.

As of now, she is known as an author, businesswoman, political candidate, and reality TV star.

Author of Heels of Steel

Author Barbara Kavovit wrote her first book, the nonfiction book Room for Improvement, in 2005. The next year, she wrote, "Invest in Your Nest."

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Barbara Kavovit-Author of Heels of Steel

In 2019, she wrote her first fiction novel, Heels of Steel. The synopsis of the book read as follows:

"Heels of Steel follows the journey of Bridget Steele, the Bronx-born, tough-as-nails and sexy construction company CEO, who is determined to be the first woman to get a contract to build a New York City skyscraper. Fighting for her life and career in the male dominated world of the Big Apple’s real estate industry, Steele also finds herself falling for her biggest rival, who could impede her rise to the top."

Hasty Book List reviewed the book as, " "Who run the world? Girls! I love me a great story with a strong female lead who is shattering glass ceilings and proving themselves in "a man's world" while remaining true to who they are. I also really freaking love this book cover. PLUS, this book is semi-autobiographical."

Heels of Steel is on Amazon for $10.43 for Kindle and $10.98 for paperback.

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Former The Real Housewives of New York City Guest Star

Barbara Kavovit made her television debut in 2008 as a guest star on the popular Bravo TV Housewives franchise, "The Real Housewives of New York City."

She was the guest in seasons 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9. For the eleventh season of the show, she appeared as the friend of Luann de Lesseps.

Lesseps claimed, "Barbara was one of the few people who was there for her during her road to sobriety."

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Barbara Kavovit-Former Cast Member Of The Real Housewives Of New York City

However, the duo reportedly had a fallout, and Barbara did not return for the next season. On the matter, she stated:

"I think for me, being new to the group and not being embraced the way I think I could have been embraced, I think I held my own pretty well."

In November 2019, Kavovit teased fans that she was pitching her own show while replying to a fan who asked about her return on RHONY. "No love, fingers crossed, pitching my own show—stay tuned!"

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CEO Of Evergreen Construction

As a businesswoman, Barbara Kavovit was in the construction industry her entire adult life. She first rose to the position of CEO of Barbara K. Enterprise. The company was started in January 2003 and shut down in July 2009.

Similarly, she was the CEO of Anchor Construction, where she was "certified by Governor Cuomo and New York State as a women's business enterprise" and was one of Crain's "100 Most Influential Women in Business."

Also, she has been "profiled in many national publications" and is a speaker on "marketing to women" and "women in business."

Later, she founded Evergreen Builders & Construction Services in October 2015. LinkedIn claims that:

Evergreen Builders and Construction is a Tri-State General Contractor and Construction Company led by its founder, a construction pioneer in New York City.

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Barbara Kavovit-CEO Of Evergreen Construction

Barbara is the creator of "Barbara K" and DIYVA, a line of ergonomically designed and fashionable "tools for women."

In 2020, Evergreen Construction got an offer to redo Harvey Weinstein's (a known female abuser) former New York City offices.

For the project, she sued female tradespeople, a female project manager, and construction tools from the line DIYVA, which was marketed for women.

Barbara Kavovit Ran For NYC Mayor Two Times

In January 2021, Barbara Kavovit announced that she was running for the next New York City mayor, with Bill DeBlasio's term ending in the 2021 New York City mayoral election.

She stated:

"I may not be a politician, but I'm a Bronx-born New Yorker who isn't fearful of the hard work and tough decisions that lie ahead."

Her campaign slogan was, "It will take a builder to rebuild New York City, and I'm the woman to do it."

Talking about her desire to run, she said:

"We have safety issues on our streets, and within our transportation system, our streets are the homes of our homeless."

She continued:

"Our business community is under attack." "We need to protect our economy and our city’s real estate and construction industries."


"We are losing police officers at a record rate, and people are leaving because they don’t want to be here.... "We need more money in our budget for police officers, now more than ever."

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Barbara Kavovit ran for Ran For NYC Mayor Two Times

In March 2021, Kavovit had raised $15,320, which City & State New York characterized as "anemic" compared to Eric Adams' $7.6 million and Scott Stringer's $6.85 million for the campaign.

In early June, she announced that she was dropping out of the race and went on to endorse Kathryn Garcia.

However, Page Six reported that Barbara is running for mayor for the second time.

The next election is slated for the fall of 2025.

As of now, she is launching an NFT membership platform called FemEO, whose main goal is to help women become leaders and moguls in the business world.

What Is Her Age? Who Was Her Father?

Barbara Kavovit was born on January 4, 1966, in the Bronx, New York City, New York, USA. She is currently 56 years old.

Her mother was a history teacher, and her father, Joseph Kavovit, was a mechanical engineer. On June 17, 2013, he died at the age of 83, and his funeral was held at the Weinstein Memorial Chapel in Yonkers.

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Young Barbara Kavovit

Barbara and her father were really close. In fact, it was her dad who inspired her love of tools. 

She stated:

"We built many different projects together. You know, it was a transformation with your dad and...he was so patient and caring and nurturing."

She also has a sister named Caryn Kavovit.

Who Is Barbara Kavovit’s Son? Who Is Her Husband?

As per the sources, Barbara was previously married to a man who was a contractor. However, there are no further details on the mystery man.

Similarly, she has a son named Zachary Kavovit-Murphy, but his father's identity is unknown.

Source: [email protected] 
Barbara Kavovit with her son Zachary Kavovit-Murphy 

Her son graduated from Hobart and William Smith College in 2020 and also works as an executive project manager at Evergreen Construction.

There are no further details on her relationship status or persona. Her social media accounts also do not give any hints.

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