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Teacher-Turned-Actor Cal-I Jonel Wikipedia

Published Sun Jan 22 2023 By riley
Teacher-Turned-Actor Cal-I Jonel Wikipedia

Cal-I Jonel is an East London-based teacher-turned-artist. He left his teaching profession in 2018 and focused on the creative side of his personality.

He is now a rising actor, singer, and writer. He made his West End debut in February 2020, appearing in "The Book of Mormon" at the Prince Wales Theatre in the West End.

Also, the actor won the award-winning arts organization Nouveau Riche's MadTimes monologue competition (May 2020) with his original piece, "No More Mr. Nice Guy."

Similarly, Jonel made his television debut in 2022 with the series Jungle. In 2023, he is all set to appear in the highly anticipated psychological series "You," season 4.

So, what are the age and height of Cal-I Jonel? What are his movie, TV, and stage roles? How much does he make? What is his relationship status? Grab all the details here.

What Is The Age And Height Of Cal-I Jonel?

Cal-I Jonel was born and raised in East London. According to his Instagram post from November 2022, he celebrated his 40th birthday.

Now, then, we can assume that he was born in November 1982 in East London. He is of African/black descent. However, there are no reports on his parents and possibly his siblings, as he prefers a low-key life.

His listed height is 5' 8" (1m 73cm), and his listed weight is 11 st. 14 lb. (76kg).

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Cal-I Jonel celebrated his 40th birthday in November 2022

Jonel received a Bachelor of Science (BSc), Digital Media, and Cultural Studies degree from London Metropolitan University. He graduated in 2006.

Later, he attended the University of East London School of Education and Communities and graduated with a degree in Teacher Education, Media, and Drama in 2008.

Career Highlights-Teacher-Turned-Artist

Cal-I Jonel started his career as a teacher. He joined Seven Kings High School as a second in the department and deputy year leader in 2007. He worked at the school for seven years, until August 2014.

After that, he joined St. Michael's Catholic College as the head of the department in 2014.

Even while working at a school, he never neglected his creative side. He used to write and direct plays and was involved in digital video productions for youth groups in his local community, as well as independently releasing his own music.

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Teacher-turned-actor Cal-I Jonel

Jonel decided to take a break from acting and pursue his artistic field as a full-time profession after years of teaching.

In 2018, the actor left the teaching profession to train at the Identity School of Acting and Maktub Theatre Company.

Jonel is a student at the Identity School of Acting, which is considered one of the UK's leading and most award-winning part-time drama schools.

Jadesola Odunjo, his You co-star, is also a student at the Identity School of Acting.

Theatre Career

Cal-I Jonel made his theatrical debut in 2018 in the play Born to Die. He played the lead role in the play at City Gates Church in London.

The next year, he played the lead role in another stage drama, Tree to Tree, at City Gates Church.

The same year, the 40-year-old performed in the play Isolation at the Clapham Omnibus Theatre. Also, he was in the play "And There Was War," which was held at the Broadway Theatre.

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Cal-I Jonel at one of his rehearsals of his stage plays

In 2021, Jonel appeared in the stage play The Book of Mormon, which is a satiric comedy about the beliefs and practices of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The play was held at the Prince of Wales Theatre.

The same year, he was in the play London Zoo at the Bread and Roses Theatre.

Television Career

Cal-I Jonel worked as a television presenter for Annie auditions at Liberty Shopping Mall in 2008. In 2010, he also worked for Make Believe Auditions at Lewisham Shopping Centre.

In 2012, he returned to television as a presenter for Make Believe Auditions at Mercury Shopping Centre.

In 2015 and 2016, the actor lent his voice to the NCS promotional video. The following year, he again worked as a television presenter for One Dream auditions at Brookfield Shopping Park.

Similarly, he appeared in the Clorox Mouthwash Commercial in 2019.
Georgia Banks' commercial and Camelot (Good Causes) advertisement in 2020

Also in 2021, Jonel was part of the Holland and Barrett "One Morning" commercial and the eBay "Sell and Save" and Kleenex commercials.

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Aspiring writer, actor, musician Cal-I Jonel

The same year, he made his television acting debut, appearing in the television series The Midwich Cuckoos.

The show starring Ukweli Roach, Keeley Hawes, Aisling Loftus, and Synnove Karlsen tells a story about a "small village in England is completely subdued by an alien presence for an entire day. Upon waking, it is discovered that numerous women in the town are pregnant."

He appeared in an uncredited role as an Army soldier in an episode titled Bad Things.

Jonel also gave his voice to the audiobook Where We Find Ourselves.

In 2022, he was a part of the television series Jungle, starring Poundz, Nadia A'Rubea, RA, and M24.

The show is about "UK rap culture bringing you a bong-bang drama like nothing you've seen before." "In a near-future bing bong London, two young men try to better themselves but are forced to face the consequences of their bing bongs."

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Cal-I Jonel guest appeared in TALIA VERSUS

He played the role of an office worker and appeared in an episode titled "We All Fall Down."

Additional Work

Cal-I Jonel won an award-winning arts organization, Nouveau Riche's MadTimes monologue competition (May 2020), with his original piece, No More Mr. Nice Guy.

Also, he won Arts Council England funding in 2021 to develop his creative practice.

He is also a contributor at Music Football Fatherhood, which is "home to the online community of fathers and men looking to be fathers in the future, from the UK and beyond."

The organization provides a resource and a space "where dads can be free to talk, listen, and read about things that are important to us; stuff like work-life balance, careers, raising healthy and well-rounded children, money management, relationships, and, of course, music and football."

According to his linked-in profile, he is the director at Love Education C.I.C. and Love Literacy.

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Rising musician Cal-I Jonel

The former is a "company dedicated to serving the community through education, mentorship, the arts, and training."

Similarly, the latter is a UK-based company dedicated to improving learners’ academic performance with the help of skilled and experienced teachers.

Also, Jonel is an emerging writer "who is passionate about creating his own work and looks forward to telling new and untold stories from his own experiences and beyond."

Additionally, he is an athlete and has played badminton, basketball, boxing, football, jump rope, running, soccer, track and field, and weightlifting.

He is also a skilled guitarist and pianist. He is a rapper with a falsetto or tenor voice. 

New Cast Member Of You Season 4

"You," developed by Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble, is a psychological thriller based on the books You, Hidden Bodies, and You Love Me by Caroline Kepnes.

Before Netflix, Lifetime aired the series, which starred Penn Badgley as a narcissistic, psychotic, and obsessive bookstore manager turned serial killer and premiered in September 2018.
According to IMDb, Caleb I Jonel is credited with playing the role of an interviewer in "You" season 4.

Source: Twitter 
Official poster of You season 4

Many new characters are introduced in the fourth season, including:

  1. Charlotte Ritchie – Kate
  2. Tilly Keeper – Lady Phoebe
  3. Stephen Hagan – Malcolm
  4. Amy Leigh Hickman – Nadia
  5. Brad Alexander – Edward
  6. Ed Speleers – Rhys
  7. Jadesola Odunjo – Victoria
  8. Aidan Cheng – Simon
  9. Ben Wiggins – Roald
  10. Eve Austin – Gemma
  11. Dario Coates – Connie
  12. Alison Pargeter – Dawn
  13. Adam James – Elliot
  14. Sean Pertwee – Vic
  15. Ozioma Whenu – Blessing
  16. Fejiro Emasiobi – Peter
  17. Niccy Lin – Sophia

The first part of the fourth season is scheduled to premiere on February 9, 2023, while the second part is scheduled for release on March 9.

While the first three seasons of the show were based on the three novels, the fourth series will be entirely new in concept and premise.

Income Sources And Earnings

Cal-I Jonel is in the initial phase of his career and has a long way to go.

There are no accurate details on his earnings and salary; however, as per the sources, in London, on average, actors earn around £26k ($31885) per year.

Similarly, as per a recent report, an actor in the world makes an average salary of $46,960. The best-paid 25% makes around $60,000, while the lowest-paid 25% makes around $30,040.

Before that, he was a full-time teacher, and as per the sources, an average secondary school teacher's salary in London is £34,930 ($37995).

Happily, Married-Who Is His Wife?

Cal-I Jonel is married to Zara Muirhead. According to her Instagram post, she is the founder of Love Literacy Ltd.

She is also a teacher, and she established the company to "support thousands of students nationwide in achieving and exceeding their academic expectations."

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Cal-I Jonel and his wife Zaara Muirhead on their wedding day 

As per the company website:

Zaara Muirhead is an intervention expert and qualified teacher with over 15 years’ experience. Zara founded the Love Literacy tuition service, training educators and supporting students to "achieve GCSE grade 9 and enter grammar schools at prestigious institutions, including Eton College."

Jonel and Muirhead finally tied the knot in 2008. There are not many details on their relationship, as the couple prefers a private life.

However, after doing some Instagram sleuthing and reading their adorable captions for each other, we can say that the duo shares a very blissful relationship.

Jonel wrote to wish his wife a happy birthday:

 "It’s your birthday, it’s your birthday, you’re gonna spend my money!"

The actor continued:

If you were an instrument, you would be a bass drum; the rhythm to my heart, the beat to my step, the soundtrack to my life. I sing the note, you arrange the score. You’re the real MD and I’ll play the tambourine for you any day baby.

Source: [email protected] 
Cal-I Jonel with his wife Zaara Muirhead and his children

Similarly, Zara also frequently flaunts her lover for her darling husband. She also wished her spouse a happy 40th birthday with an adorable caption that read:

My King is 40. So grateful for every day spent with you. Thank you for holding me safe, releasing me to be, and allowing me into your heart. You are everything I ever (never knew I) needed. You are my favourite person. You are my childhood sweetheart and the man I have chosen every day since saying I do.

The couple is blessed with two children: a son and a daughter, whose names have not been revealed yet.

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